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50 at-home (or quarantine) date night ideas!

Updated: Apr 28, 2023


Happy Valentine's Day!

Tomorrow Gabriel and I will have been together seven years. We were talking the other night about just how quickly time has passed. Like we REALLY can't believe it's been seven years??? Anyways, once you've been dating as long as we have and you encounter a little something called COVID-19, you learn a thing or two about how to date each other at home. We've come up with a master list of at-home date night ideas that are sure to help you and your loved one with your quarantine blues! (PLUS: Valentine's day is just around the corner!)

1. Spa night (Give each other facials, take a bubble bath, paint your nails, etc.)

2. Drive in (Get creative with this one! You can rig a projector on the garage door and sit in your car, or just put your laptop up on the dash.)

3. Fancy night out at home (Get all dressed up and order food, or cook a fancy meal together. Make sure you light some candles to set the mood!)

4. Watch a virtual concert (Gabe and I love concerts, a.k.a. we've both cried about how much we miss them since COVID started. So basically we do this almost every week! Youtube your favorite artists and watch their live concerts from the couch!)

5. Recreate your first date (It's so fun to be nostalgic! Maybe even pull out some of your old love letters and read them to each other for a laugh.)

6. Backyard camping (Save this one for the warmer months of course! I think this one is fun because it really lets you change up your routine a little.)

7. Beer tasting (We live in Athens, so we love Creature Comforts! It's so fun to blind-fold each other and see if the other person can guess what flavor each beer is! Get silly with it.)

8. Dessert tasting

10. Make sushi from scratch. (Here's a great recipe:

11. Have a movie night and build a pillow fort (Our favorite is "No Country for Old Men")

12. Painting and wine (Cabernet anyone?)

13. Indoor picnic (Get out the picnic blanket and have fun with it!)

14. Write a song together (Gabe and I both play guitar and play classical piano. We have done this a few times and it's the best!)

15. Build something together (Could be something easy from Ikea, or a potting bench for gardening.)

18. Board game night

19. Draw a picture of each other (With wine of course)

20. Make homemade chocolate (Here's a link to something yummy:

21. Theme night (Think 80's, Hawaiian, etc.)

22. Star gazing (Gabe and I have a special connection to the stars, so this one is so nice when we do it.)

23. Make a short film or re-create a scene from a movie or film you both love

24. Make a photo album together

25. Conduct an at home science experiment

26. Make Tamales! (Here's a recipe:

27. Have a color-theme night where you dress all in the same color and your food has the also be that color

28. Bring the beach indoors by making tropical cocktails and wearing bathing suits

29. Fondue night (Cheese for the entree and chocolate for dessert)

30. Do a few date nights where you do fun things and eat food from different countries like France, Italy, Mexico, etc.

31. Ceramic making at home (With wine, again.)

32. DIY Backyard mini-golf

33. Make homemade pizzas and go through old pictures together

34. Join an online fitness class together

35. Pretend there is a power outage and tell scary stories, read to each other, or act out a play

36. Play truth or dare

37. Take a virtual museum tour (Here is one of my favorite museums:

38. Have a photoshoot like you're in a photo booth where you have to pose together before the timer runs out

39. Play video games

40. Create a couple's bucket list (Where do you want to travel together? Would you want to sky dive? What's one food you've never tried that you want to?)

41. Watch a classic film you've never seen

42. Learn something new together, like how to do the waltz. (To your favorite 3/3 songs!)

43. Create your signature cocktail as a couple

44. DIY wine and cheese party

46. Tie dye some old clothes

47. Plan the trip you're going to take once COVID is under control (Gabe and I want to go to Montana, England, and Germany)

48. Do a puzzle together

49. Stay up all night (or at least late) talking to one another

50. Watch a sports game together and make game day food (even if you're not into sports, watching and trying to learn the rules of the game can be fun!)

If you try any of these, post pics on your stories and tag us on Instagram! (@papillon.visuals) We can't wait to see how it goes.


Rachel & Gabriel


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