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Helping Small Businesses During Coronavirus

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

We all could use a little joy right now. In the midst of the pandemic, I’ve found that I’m really blessed compared to some business owners. Most of my weddings are after May, and all shoots I have between now and then have been rescheduled by clients and not just *cancelled*! I feel wildly supported by my loved ones and clients right now. It’s really important that we support each other in this time and do our part to keep the U.S. economy up. Here are a few ideas for how to help small business owners:

• Don’t cancel, reschedule!

• Consider still paying for their services, even if you’ve rescheduled them to a far out date. (We have to make our rent/buy our groceries just like you!)

• Buy a gift card/certificate.

• Shop local if they can deliver or ship to you. (Avoid Amazon when possible.)

• Still order out from the restaurants you like.

Do you have more ideas for me to put in this post?! Comment below! ❤️


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