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How to Make Your Bucket List


For many of us, experiencing COVID-19 over the past two years has given us a new lease on life. I've certainly been feeling the same, so the other day I sat down with Gabe, my partner, and we created our own individual bucket lists. Things in life that we want to experience before we kick the bucket! In this blog post, you'll find info on exactly how to create yours in a way that will remind you to live life in the moment, and I've also listed mine in case you needed even more inspiration. Don't miss out on all life has to offer! There is much to be enjoy about living, my friend.

Selecting Your Medium

First, you'll want to decide how you want to document your list. While computers are a great way to store the list, or even change it over time, there's something a little more nostalgic about using a pen and paper. You might also consider a typewriter if you want to get really fancy. I started with stationary, and then put it in the graphic below for your viewing pleasure!


The next choice you'll want to make is the order of items. Do you want everything in similar categories, or do you prefer to just write it down as it comes to you like I did?

Categories worth mentioning

- Where do you want to travel to? Think continents, countries, U.S. states, and cities.

- What foods do you want to try? - Is there a specific lifestyle element that you want to add to your life, like homesteading?

- What do you want to do that adds to your legacy, such as writing a book or recording a song?

- Is there something in the future that you want to do relationship-wise? This could be having children or getting married or reaching out to an estranged loved one.

- Have you considered any changes you want to try with your body like a new piercing, hair style, or tattoo?

- What outdoor activities or sports do you want to try?

- Are there any past-times or hobbies that you want to get into like chess, film-making, or knitting?

- Have you always wanted to learn a musical instrument or other skilled hobby?

- What animals have you wanted to hang out with that you haven't yet, like holding a koala or swimming with dolphins?

- Are there any landmarks that you want to visit, like the pyramids or the Eiffel tower?

- What movies or other entertainment have you wanted to experience?

- Are there any festivals or concerts that you've been dying to go to?

- What longterm fitness goals are you hoping to reach before the end of your life?

- What about learning a language?

- Have you thought of any food that you want to try to cook or bake at some point?

- What exotic experiences have you wanted to do, like ride a camel or take the trans-Siberian railway?


For more ideas, check out my bucket list below:


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