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Updated: Apr 28, 2023

I thought it was high time I introduced myself again. I'm Rachel. *hand shake* Nice to meet you. The first thing I want you to know is that your life is beautiful and you should enjoy every second of it. My biggest goal is to spread kindness everywhere I go. I believe in authenticity and in turn that reflects in the imagery I create. I adore serving the world through the art of photography and I am deeply passionate about making others feel like their best selves. I photograph those who desire to preserve the special moments of their life and I am fortunate to give them the gift of lifelong memories in photograph form. I also am officially bringing my blog back to life, so if you don't need photographs but want to tag along, feel free. I'd love to have you.

I love creating beautiful and surrounding myself with beautiful. I fully believe that almost all of life is. Every experience shapes us, molds us, makes us into who we are meant to be if we just let it. I want to share a little bit of life with you! That's all for now.

Here's to you, friend.



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