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My Thanksgiving Day Outfit! (Photographs)

I wanted to share my outfit from Thanksgiving to let you know just how possible it is to purchase beautiful clothes second-hand. In December, we'll be highlighting sustainable purchases a lot, so I figured I would start us off with this one, ft. Ellie. ;-)

Every piece in this ensemble is either thrifted or gifted. The pants were a part of a grandma-chic ensemble that came with an adorable camouflage wind-breaker. The shoes were thrifted, as well as the shirt, paired with a cape that I originally purchased for my grandmother for her holiday gift. However, I bought her something else for Christmas this year after making the purchase of the cape because she told me she doesn't need anymore clothing, ha! Finally, the earrings were purchased by my mother on a trip abroad. I pieced this outfit together and it came together in a nice vintage, monochromatic fashion. Enjoy these photographs that my partner, Gabriel, snapped of me in the woods!


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