Stavanger, Norway Wedding Photography

I can't stress enough how much of a dream this entire experience was for us. From the first email from Andrew and Silje, to delivering their wedding photo gallery, I loved every second of this Norwegian wedding. Although international destination weddings can sometimes require more effort to iron out the details such as purchasing plane tickets and making sure everyone's passports are up to date, it cannot be overstated that it is one of the most special ways to celebrate your love. You deserve the wedding of your dreams, so why not go big or go home?

Andrew was raised in Lexington, Kentucky; a place that can really be defined as American and home-grown. His soulmate counterpart, Silje, was born in Stavanger, Norway--a huge contrast to the feel of the American South. While these two grew up in very different places, they actually met in Japan while on working holiday. One of my favorite elements of Silje and Andrew's wedding was how they discussed their international marriage and how important it is to them to honor each other's cultural values. For my team and I, it was a beautiful thing to witness, and I'm sure it was the same for every guest that was present that day.

An email from the couple that we received upon our return back to the states: "Dear Rachel, Thank you so much for making us shine and for capturing all the nice moments on our wedding day! We absolutely looooove the photos you`ve sent us and are excited to show them to family and friends!" - Silje

I photographed for fourteen hours on Andrew and Silje's wedding day and every moment was magical. Check out some highlights from their wedding photography gallery below.

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