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The Age of the Braid


Sparkly, colorful eyeshadow, crazy-looking braid-filled hairstyles, and vibrant 1960's / 1970's reminiscent outfits with a modern twist are popping up everywhere as the Summer of 2022 fast approaches. Much of these brightly colored trends can be attributed to the popular HBO series "Euphoria", which aired it second season this year. Critically acclaimed, this show attempts to paint an exaggerated and artistic picture of what it's like to be a high schooler in a town filled with sociopaths, where hard drugs can be easily acquired from a twelve year old with face tattoos in a back room at the local convenience store. Despite the widely held view that this show glorifies the use of hard drugs, I would assert that it actually does the opposite. One must watch both first seasons to fully understand this point, and see the very authentic highs and lows that each of the main characters experience. Euphoria attempts to put forth that heroin and cocaine are not the only easily attainable drugs in town, and that teenage love can be just as obsessive and destructive. With a self-awareness for the ages and never-before-seen artistic takes on television imagery, it's no wonder every girl under the age of 25 has suddenly donned magical eyeshadow and a few extra braids in their hair this season. EUPHORIA is a must-watch for anyone over the age of 18 with a subscription to HBO Max and a love of drama and raw emotion.

Some photographs of how I've styled my Euphoria-esque looks recently:


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