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The Best Spots Near Atlanta for the Photos of Your Dreams!

Updated: Jan 17

Many of our clients really want to do their photography sessions or elopements out in nature and we love this. There are about a million and one spots that you could take your photos at--but why not ask a professional? That's why I've compiled a master list of spots we can take you to that we know will provide the scenery you want so badly but that are also easy to get to.

Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia

Couple's photographyin Piedmont Park, Atlanta

One of the most iconic parks in Georgia, this place has it all! Scenic views of the Atlanta city skyline, wide open space, massive trees, beautiful flowers and walkways, not to mention one of the best places to bring your doggie. You can likely wear anything at this spot, as the location will allow you to show off your beautiful smile and favorite outfits! { Free admission }

The Tree Room in Athens, GA

The Tree Room has been around for over 100 years. It's perfect for those clients who want a little bit of concrete in their photo background but also some towering trees. The atmosphere of this venue is very compelling for couples who like a little privacy for their photos. Also, if it's not raining, you'll be able to grab some photos outside this place at sunset. { Unknown pricing }

Couple holding hands in at the Tree Room in Athens, Georgia

UGA State Botanical Gardens in Athens, Georgia

Couple's photography at the University of Georgia State Botanical Gardens

I couldn't make this post without mentioning one of my favorite spots in Athens. When I lived in that town, I probably did fifty percent of my photo sessions at this place. There is a river, vineyards, abundant architecture and bridges, an *amazing* glass greenhouse, open fields, and flowers galore. This is a location where you can wear literally anything, as all colors will go well with the surroundings here. { Free admission }

Providence Canyon in Lumpkin, Georgia

Known as GA's little grand canyon, this is an AMAZING place to go hiking, plus dogs are allowed which is always a plus. It would be an amazing spot any time of year, but specifically in the Fall because the Fall leaves would match beautifully with the GA red clay color. I recommend wearing neutrals to this spot, allowing both you and the beautiful natural beauty of your surroundings to shine. { $5 parking fee per car }

Arabia Mountain in Stonecrest, Georgia

I've done a few sessions at this beautiful place before and it was cathartic, let me tell you. There are not a ton of wide open views in GA, but this is certainly one of them and it's worth the small hike to the top. Bring your doggos, friends, or partner, etc and make an afternoon out of it with me! You can wear more vibrant colors at this spots, as the surroundings are not super colorful. { Free admission }

Couple's photography atop Arabia Mountain in Stonecrest, Georgia

Forsyth Park Fountain in Savannah, Georgia

A hub of social interaction in Savannah, Ga, Forsyth Park is an absolutely must-see location in South Georgia. This would be a dreamy location for any family, couple, or individual alike as there are many spots for photos and the lighting is always incredible. I would consider white or pastels the best color options for photographs at this place! { Free admission }

Gibbs Gardens in Ballground, Georgia

Couple walking down a path and holding hands in Gibbs Garden, Ballground, Georgia

I've been here for some fun sessions, including two surprise engagements! It's an absolutely stunning gardens with a lot of different spots. There is a lot of different types of gardens, trails, and beautiful floral architecture when you go Spring through Fall. The best time to go is certainly Spring! I recommend pretty dresses, flat shoes for walking around in, and perhaps a nice suit for the guys. However, you can dress more casual if you prefer it! I would stay away from jewel tones and lean more towards pastels or neutrals to allow both you and the stunning locale to shine. { $20 per adult }

Chattooga River in Mountain Rest, South Carolina

If you're hoping to be surrounded by beautiful Fall or green leaves and running water, look no further than Chattooga River! It will really make you feel immersed in nature when you're there, and the hike isn't bad at all depending on how long you go! This would also be a safe spot to bring your doggo(s). If you want to get in the water with family or your partner for photos, this is a great spot to do that. { Free admission }

Pickens Nose in Otto, North Carolina

Don't let the name throw you off! This location is a must-go if you're looking for a moderate hike and scenic views. Nestled in North Carolina, it's quite difficult to get to this spot without someone experienced, so definitely take someone like me along with you! It's also not often-travelled which means you won't have to wait for people to move out of your photo frame. I recommend flat shoes for this spot, and the absence of the fear of heights as this is a drop off just like Black Balsam Knob! (but not quite as scary) { Free admission }

Romantic couple holding each other in front of mountain range at Pickens Nose in Otto, North Carolina

Winn Park in Atlanta, Georgia

Maternity photos at Winn Park in Atlanta, Georgia

This is a lovely little park that is nestled in the heart of Atlanta. This is the perfect spot of our clients who select our 30 minute photo session option. There's a lot of greenery in the Spring and Summer, and of course the trees around the ponds and creek turn a beautiful bright yellow in Autumn. Don't miss out on this heavenly Altanta oasis! { Free admission & free parking }

Black Balsam Knob, North Carolina

I have never seen stacks on stacks on stacks of mountains anywhere but at Black Balsam Knob. It is a bit of a drive from GA in to North Carolina, but it is so worth it. The blue in Blue Ridge has never been so apparent than it is in this beautiful mountain location. I highly recommend this spot for any time of year, but it will be at it's most beautiful in the Spring or Fall. For clothing colors, I recommend neutrals for sure. This is a great spot for couples, seniors, or weddings. However, it would not be good for bringing children, dogs, or anyone afraid of heights, as it could be an easy cliff/edge to fall off of if you are not careful! SO worth going to though, and some of the hiking options are quite short. { Free admission }

Westside Provisions in Midtown Atlanta, GA

This is an excellent spot for people who want a lot of different backgrounds for their Atlanta photography session. From the train tracks, to Jenni's Ice Creams, to the bridge with a view of the city, you just can't go wrong with this place. Not to mention, there are so many amazing restaurants that you can eat at after!

Couple kissing at Westside Provisions in Mideown Atlanta, Georgia

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