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The Hair Scarf Trend

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

If you've paid attention to the fashion trends at all lately, you've noticed that hair scarves are making a comeback. I recently picked up a few at H&M. Fast fashion heaven, I know. However, according to Good On You, "H&M has pledged to become 100% ‘climate positive’ by 2040 by using renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency in all its operations." (2019) Some things just can't be made or bought elsewhere at such a great price point.


The first scarf is a giant art deco zebra print in cream, navy, and orange. I paired it with my gray UO sweater, gold jewelry, black jeans, and then makeup to match including a lovely, smudged navy eyeliner. (links to all are listed at the bottom)


The other scarf I purchased is a paisley pattern of gray, white, orange, and yellow. Paired here with a white top from SHEIN and an a-line burnt orange skirt from H&M.

I have a few scarves in my closet that I have had for years now and two of them are even antiques from my grandmother. I look forward to sporting them a lot more in the future because of this trend. I think they give a really nostalgic feel to any outfit and make it really easy to mix patterns in a tasteful way.


I also saved a few inspiration photos for future scarf styling from Pinterest: (Rihanna really knows how to rock a scarf!)




Photos of Rihanna all from Pinterest

Robertson, L. (2019). How ethical is H&M? Retrieved from


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