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Primrose Cottage Wedding Photo Gallery (Alyssa & Zack)

candid bride and groom primrose cottage

A beautiful Autumn wedding in North Atlanta...

We've really been leaning into using flash photography as little as possible lately so as to capture the real lighting & vibe of each moment. While artificial lighting is still a must for dark dance floor images, settings like the reception area or the cocktail hour can really shine in their natural light element.

Alyssa & Zack bonded over their mutual, passionate love of sports. They even met while working in sports marketing. On their wedding day, they were truly surrounded by love. Both for each other & from their friends & family. It was SO easy to capture this day in photograph form!

Alyssa & Zack, thank you for allowing us the honor to be a part of this day with you & create such beautiful photo magic together!

Their review of our services: "The absolute best you can find in Atlanta. We couldn’t be happier about booking Rachel and her team for our wedding. Meeting Rachel at the mountain top for our engagement photos was ideal- total vibe check and she understood what prompt would bring the best photos out of us on our wedding day! I can not state how happy both my husband and my family were with Rachel and Gabe on our wedding day. All the candids and staged formal photos were PHENOMENAL. Do yourselves a favor and book them for your wedding."


Rachel White

2011 Founder of Papillon Visuals


Check out the images from Alyssa & Zack's Atlanta wedding below!


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