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How to deal with rain on your wedding day when it comes to photos!

Updated: Apr 28, 2023


Facing rain on the most important day of your life?! Don't worry, it doesn't have to be your worst nightmare! Luckily, you know a photographer who has handled it many times before! I've put together a list of a few tips and tricks for how to deal with everything from a torrential downpour to a light misting and even what positive things can come from it:

  • Keep checking that weather radar! Talk to your photographer if you think there might be a chance of bad weather on your day. It if it shows rain on the radar at all, plan for 100% chance. Better to be prepared!

  • Use rain for creative photos. If this is something you clearly want to incorporate in your gallery, let your photographer know.

  • Be practical about hair and makeup. If you know a storm is happening, inform your makeup and hair artists that you need waterproof everything and that you don't want runny foundation. (I've seen it a few times before, it isn't pretty.) Consider an updo for your hair so that you don't have stringy curls. Just talk it through with them and get their expert opinion!

  • Buy two umbrellas for you and your soulmate. (Amazon has some great ones) Also, consider having each person in your bridal party purchase one themselves for bridal party photos.

  • Scout out spots at your venue that you like that are covered and let your photographer know about them so they can plan ahead and be informed.

  • Talk to your venue and coordinator and get their thoughts. If you need to move your reception or ceremony indoors or under a tent, they'll know what to do.

  • Consider renting a tent for your outdoor reception. However, check the temperature outside that day first because you don't want cold guests who leave early.

  • If you will be outside with your guests for any part of the day, purchase blankets and towels. Even consider outdoor heaters or a fire pit. You could also think about providing your guests with umbrellas or reminding them to bring one ahead of time. Keep them in the loop so that they are prepared just like you are!

  • Embrace the weather! It truly is all about mindset, and if you have the right vendor team behind you, you have nothing to worry about. A good photographer knows just what to do.

  • REMEMBER that rain is memorable, and it supposedly means good luck for your marriage!

If you are a client of ours and have questions about any of this, please reach out! We are here to help.



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