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Selecting the Right Place to Get Ready Before Your Wedding: A Wedding Photographer's Perspective

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

No matter what type of event you've chosen to have, one that's all your own, or one that sticks with tradition, it's very important to select the right place to getting ready at with your friends before the ceremony! This is easily one of the things that gets overlooked when planning a wedding, but it is actually of the most important parts. The atmosphere of this place will set the precedent for the rest of the day, so ensure that it generally meets all your needs, doesn't take away from your wedding bliss in any way, and that the style matches that of your wedding day for the sake of images.

Decisions that go into knowing what the right place will be for you:

- Are you okay with seeing your spouse before you've planned to? If not, you'll want to be sure you select a place that allows you to keep from seeing each other easily if this is important to you. Remember that this day is your own! You can always take a unique route like getting ready alone with your spouse. This can be a really nice moment to share together before all the festivities begin.

- Are you taking photos with your wedding party before you put your wedding clothes on? If so, you'll want to select a place that has beautiful natural light / a nice setting for photos.

- Remember that this day is your own! You can always take a unique route like

- Are you having your photographers / filmmakers capture images of your bride or groom detail shots? If you're planning on this, you'll want to ensure that you select a place that has somewhere to hang your clothing, for those beautiful dress shots, as well as nice flooring to be able to take pictures of your invite, shoes, bouquet, etc.

- Based on the timing of your day, is it important for you to not run into traffic or have to drive far from the getting-ready-spot to the ceremony venue? You may want to consult with your photographer and wedding planner about this one to get their expertise. Running into traffic day-of is something you'll definitely want to avoid, so map out the distance and do your research on the route to and from!

- Does the atmosphere of the place you've chosen to get ready at match your wedding style? Consider everything from the color of the walls, to the furniture, to even the flooring. If you're having a modern industrial wedding, you don't want to select a place to get ready that's decorated entirely tradition. This will certainly show up in your wedding gallery.

- Does the place have a general vibe that brings you joy? This is the place that you'll spend most of your morning at, and it sets the precedent for the rest of the day. Ensuring that there is nothing around you that dampens the mood is very pivotal to being in the right headspace prior to your marriage with your spouse!

- Does the staff of the place have a friendly attitude? The last thing you want is dealing with unnecessary drama from a venue staff member on one of the most important days of your life. One way to ensure that you will be in good hands is to read reviews from past customers, as well as to call ahead and make sure that they are friendly to wedding parties.

- Have you considered your transportation to and from the getting-ready-place? This is definitely something you'll want to take care of in advance, especially if you'll be partaking in libations before the ceremony. If your wedding party will be drinking as well, it's good to make sure that everyone has a ride by reserving a limo, party bus, or other type of group transportation.

- Have you thought about what drinks and snacks you want to provide to your besties while you get ready? If the aesthetics are important to you, definitely plan this beforehand. Also, you can always consider asking your friends to each bring something that they like to share with everyone, making it more of a potluck.

- Have you considered how many people will need to all be together in the same room as you get ready? No one wants to be in a cramped room! Be sure to consider the exact number of people involved before booking a place.

Finally, remember to always ask the wedding experts. If you have any questions about your wedding day planning that you think we can help answer, feel free to email us at!


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