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How to have an AWESOME wedding reception! (From a wedding photographer)

Updated: Jun 15, 2021


I've put together a few tips for how to have an AWESOME wedding reception. Take it from a professional wedding goer!

- Keep the music going! Don't let there be any quiet moments.

- Live music = bonus points.

- Make sure you pick great dance songs that most people know and have your DJ stick to a specific list!

- If you have an emcee, pick one that will happily engage with your guests and has an upbeat personality! Also, check their contract on whether they will be drinking from the bar or not. (I've seen a few drunk emcee's in my day. Trust me, it's really not pretty.)

- Your guests probably won’t dance unless you do!

- Keep the food coming! Appetizers/cocktail hour, then dinner, then desert / coffee. Don’t let anyone even have the chance to be hungry.

- Accommodate different diet needs that your guests might have. Nowadays there are many people who eat gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, etc. Make sure they can eat something!

- Open bar! After your guest has to travel, spend $ on a nice outfit for your wedding, and buy you a gift, they really deserve this one.

- Games/mingling are a great ice breaker for guests to get to know each other or to learn more about you + your fiancé. Plus a great break from the constant dancing! My favorite one is the shoe game. Check out how to play here:

- Have your DJ play a slow song once in a while so that the couples can all dance and have nice moments together!

- Put out Polaroid cameras or instant cameras for guests to take pictures with! This will be memorable/fun for them and double as more memories captured for you. Also, you can create a guest book with Polaroids if you have your guests sign and date them with sharpies.

- If your wedding is in the Winter or on a cold day in general, make sure your reception is someplace warm inside. I have done a few Winter wedding receptions that were outside. Even in GA: yikes!

- Keep the party moving! If there’s a lull—this is your day—don’t be afraid to change the plan and take charge! Throw a game in there, change the song, etc.

Wishing you a lovely wedding day!




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